Pennant No: M1181
Laid Down: 23rd February 1954
Built by: Whites Shipyard, Itchen, Southampton
Completed: 2 4th August 1956
Time to Build: 30 months
Commissioned: 27th January 1959 for RNR training and for ACR/DNR, based at Portsmouth
Converted: To Minehunter - 29 June 1964 to 30 Apr 1965, at Portsmouth
Years Fully Operational: 33 years

Outline of Operational Career:

  • 1959-61 RNR Training & Visits in North European waters
  • 24 Feb 62 Joined Vernon Squadron
  • 1 Oct 62 Vernon Squadron renamed 5th MSS
  • 29 Jun 64 Paid Off for Minehunter Conversion
  • 28 Apr 65 Recommissioned at Portsmouth for 6th MCMS
  • 27 Aug-8 Oct 65 Passage to Singapore via South Africa

Peter (Nobby) Norton challenges this route:

I served on SHERATON from Feb.65 to Jan 67. Our route to Singapore was as follows:

We left Portsmouth August 27th for Gib. In between we lost both main engines; the first to a cock up between the Chief of the boat and myself , the second engine loss was due to a leaking drive shaft.

We spent two days in the Bay of Biscay, using the Thornycroft engines in the tiller flat for the Active Rudders, to maintain way on the ship with a tug alongside. We then sailed to Malta on one main engine, where the duff one was changed. Leaving Malta we went through the Suez Canal and Red Sea to Aden.

 From there we went to Gan in the Indian Ocean, where we lost our Jimmy who was bitten by a lizard and we never saw him again. We then had a fuelling stop in southern India, I think it was Goa. Next stop Penang and then arriving in Singapore Naval base on my birthday 8th October.

  • Oct-Dec 65 Completed 6 Singapore Straits Patrols (47 days)
  • 1967-69 Exercises and Visits in South China Sea
  • 28 Aug 69 Joined 6th Patrol Craft Squadron based Hong Kong
  • 1970-May 72 Exercises & Visits in South China Sea
  • 22 May-24 Aug 72 Passage to UK with KIRKLISTON
  • 1 Sep 72 Joined 1st MCMS based Port Edgar
  • 1973-1980 Exercises, Operations & Visits in European Waters
  • 1 Feb 77-1 Jun 78 On Loan to FPS (Two successful arrests)
  • 6 Jul 80-29 Mar 82 Extended Long Refit and Trials at Gibraltar
  • 24 May 82 Recommissioned at Rosyth for 1st MCMS
  • 1982-93 Exercises, Operations & Visits in European Waters
  • 1 Jan 84 Transferred to newly formed 3rd MCMS based Rosyth
  • Jun 91-Sep 93 On loan to Fishery Protection Squadron

Significant Events:

  • 9 Oct 62 Collision with BOSSINGTON during manoeuvres
  • May 66 Fired on by Indonesian shore batteries in Singapore Straits
  • 4 Apr-4 Jul 75 Deployed to Port Said for Op RHEOSTAT TWO
  • Jul 78 Deep Armed Team Sweep Trials at Gibraltar
  • Aug-Sep 79 1st MCMS Deployment to Western Mediterranean
  • 11 Jun 80 Collision with LEWISTON during Team Sweep
  • 19 Apr-5 Jun 84 3rd MCMS Deployment to Mediterranean (inc Corfu)
  • 23 May -4 Jul 86 3rd MCMS Deployment to Western Mediterranean
  • Aug-Dec 1988 Attached to STANAVFORCHAN
  • 9 Oct-8 Nov 89 3rd MCMS Deployment to Western Mediterranean
  • 21 Sep 93 Final Ton departure from Rosyth, with BRINTON

Paid Off: 5 Oct 93
Disposal: January 1998 to Pounds of Portsmouth, for break up.