December 2023

This article was kindly written by Rob Hoole for December’s edition of TON Talk, but we ran out of space ! It is shown here so we do not lose the information MCM NEWS Dec 2023 by Rob Hoole Owing to the gradual replacement of MCMVs with autonomous systems, I have renamed this column ‘MCM News’ vice ‘MCMV News’. Operation KIPION MCM UKMCMFOR (UK MCM Force), based at the NSF (Naval Su … Read More »

November 2023

FROM: Stephen Farnham via TCA website enquiry. On completion of my time aboard HMS Theseus in 1956, anchored in Portland Outer Harbour, I was sent to Hythe in Southampton Water, to join a skeleton crew on board the INVERMORISTON before she left to join the MSS squadron in Harwich Harbour. At the time our C.O. was Nicholas Walters and the Coxswain Nick Carter. Leading Seamen Dusty Miller and Sno … Read More »

October 2023

I regret to have to inform you of the very sad and unexpected passing of our greatly respected Chairman: Commander  Robert Henry Hawkins MBE, RN on the morning of 8th October 2023. Further information will be shared when it becomes available. Ian Barden Vice Chairman and Interim Chairman , TCA   The funeral of Commander Bob Hawkins will be held at Helensburgh Parish Church at 12.30  on Fr … Read More »

September 2023

White Rose Report Allen Buster Brown We had a very busy but enjoyable weekend over 9/10 September. On Saturday we held our usual branch meeting, with a very good turnout, made special by Jeremy Mackrell joining us, courtesy of his daughter. At 86, Jeremey is one of our Elder statesman but poor health has prevented him from joining us in recent years. Attending were Jeremy, Pincher Martin, Terr … Read More »

July 2023

White Rose Meeting   The White Rose branch of the TCA met in the Longboat Bar, Premier Inn, York on Saturday 1st July. Present were Alan Hewitt, Ken Rutherford, Trevor Dixon, Terry Foreman, "Pincher" Martin, Clive Dennison and Allan Buster Brown. We also welcomed new member Phil Fluke and incoming Reunion Secretary Jim Virgo. Apologies from Pancho Brett (reunion), Jeremey Mackrell and Dave Pa … Read More »

June 2023

Cenotaph Parade  Sunday 12 November 2023 Members wishing to join the TCA contingent on this important occasion of National Remembrance are requested to contact TCA Secretary Matthew Salisbury []. If you have not marched with us in the past few years, be prepared to disclose details including Current Address, Date and Place of Birth, Official Service Number, RN/RNR/RFA etc, … Read More »

March 2023

FITTLETON Memorial Service The service is scheduled to be held on Sunday 17 September 2023 at St Mary’s Church, Fittleton, near Salisbury, commencing at 15.00. The event is being coordinated by the Parochial Church Council, assisted by President Old Hands Association. TCA has donated £1000 but is not otherwise involved. The Bishop of Salisbury wishes to preside at the Service and TCA Chaplai … Read More »

January 2023

White Rose Branch Meeting On Friday evening 13 January - NOT unlucky for us - some of us had an informal meal and catch up. Pancho Brett, Terry & Jane Foreman, Clive & Sue Dennison, Trevor & Elain Dixon and Alan & Sue Hewitt were staying in York for the weekend. On Saturday 14th we held the first White Rose meeting of 2023. Unfortunately we were down in numbers owing to ill heal … Read More »