The USN Association of Minemen

The liaison between TCA and the US Navy Association of Minemen is an indirect result of the collaboration between the TCA and MCDOA’s Lt Cdr  Rob Hoole and Commander David Bruhn USN Rtd on a trilogy of three books which chart minewarfare activities in all theatres during the First and Second World Wars.

We asked Cdr Bruhn if the USN had a group equivalent to the TCA and he kindly put us in touch with Cdr Ron Swart USN Rtd and the Association of Minemen. Ron Swart also introduced us to the project to restore the MSO (Ocean Minesweeper) USS LUCID at Stockton, California and some former USN sailors who had served on MSOs.

Minemen are broadly equivalent to the UW’s and Staff at Armament Depots who prepped the mines for laying. USN policy for offensive minelaying favours air-dropped ordnance, so Minemen have tended to serve ashore in depots and afloat in aircraft carriers. More recently they are extending their remit to serve in MCMVs and with UUVs (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles).

We look forward to developing an active liaison with the Association of Minemen, leading to a regular exchange of dits and photographs. Cdrs Swart and Bruhn are now on the Electronic circulation for Ton Talk and we have received a few ‘dits’ from over the pond.

Do you have a memory of working with the USN? Stuart Johnson and Peter Down have already contributed their memories of liaison with MSOs in the Far East, pre-Confrontation.

Take a look at the Stockton Maritime Musuem Website, Home of the USS Lucid.