The Dangerous Game

This film is shown under licence from the Imperial War Museum. It was produced in the mid 1970’s as one of a series about the Royal Navy, aiming to raise public awareness and perhaps as an aid to recruitment. Several TCA members appear in the film, including our Patron HRH The Prince of Wales, his First Lieutenant Roy Clare, Kevin Syder, Sam Cook and Rob Hoole among many “bit players” in what are effectively newsreel shots of MCM activities at that time

HMS Walkerton

HMS WALKERTON streaming her magnetic loop sweep when attached to HMS VERNON, Underwater Warfare school. It appears to have been printed back to front i.e. wording on cap tallies and ship numbers is reversed.

SQUID Anti-submarine Mortar Bomb

Video is of a diver rendering safe a SQUID anti-submarine mortar bomb – just as dangerous as a ground mine, if a less sophisticated trigger mechanism.