Pennant No: M1208
Laid Down: 19th October 1956
Built by: Herd & Mackenzie, Buckie, Banff. Yard Number 144
Completed: 16th June 1960
Time to Build: 45 months
Commissioned: 30th August 1960 as Senior Officer 100th Minesweeping Squadron (MSS)
Years Fully Operational: 23 years

Outline of Operational Career:

  • Sep 1960 Joined 100th MSS at Port Edgar
  • 1961-62 Exercises and Visits in North European waters
  • 1 Oct 62 100th MSS renamed 2nd MSS
  • 1963 WWII Mine Clearance Operations (See below)
  • 1964 Exercisers and Visits in North European waters
  • 18 Jan 65 Paid Off to Reserve, Crew to Singapore for PICTON
  • 21 Jun 65 Recommissioned in 1st MCMS at Port Edgar. New Crew
  • 1965-1971 Exercises and Visits in North European waters
  • Mar 1972 Joined 2nd MCMS based Portsmouth
  • HMS LEWISTON Pennant No. M1208
  • 1981-May 83 Joined 10th MCMS RNR Squadron as London Div Tender
  • May 83 Rejoined 2nd MCMS

Significant Events:

  • May-Jul 63 Took part in Operations CLEAR ROAD and CABLE WAY. Clearance of WWII German minefields to allow new telegraph cables to be laid from the UK to Germany.
  • Sep 1963 Took part in Operation ICE SCOTT – Clearance of British anti-submarine minefields in approaches to Icelandic fjords.

Paid Off: January 1984
Disposal: 1985 - Expended as a target on Aberforth Ranges