HMS Brearley M2003, Builders - White (IOW), Built - 15/04/55

1955 - 56 Reserve at HMS HORNET, Gosport

1957 50th MSS, Port Edgar

1960 51st MSS

1963 Training tender BRNC, Dartmouth

In 1967, I joined the RN as one of the first to do so while at University so my training programme was a great mystery to everyone. I began with a period in HMS CHILCOMPTON in 1967 and then after graduation the following year, I went to BRNC. As I was three years older than most of my peers, Dartmouth "invented" a complicated catch up programme so I did not experience the joys of the Dartmouth Training Squadron.

BREARLEY therefore was the next best thing and in September 1968 I enjoyed a few weeks onboard when the ship was utilised as a danlayer and a harbour patrol vessel at Falmouth for that year's major NATO exercise.

BREARLEY was at that time a tender to BRNC and had a minimal ship's company of I think two officers and five or six. So a few ex University junior officers formed the remainder of the crew for that period and we had a fascinating time predominately operating in and around the confines of Falmouth. We all got one overnight run ashore in Falmouth and by great fortune, my old ship CHILCOMPTON was also alongside. As you can imagine, this developed into a serious evening which went on and on, and you may recall that the tidal range in Falmouth is huge. Naturally it was low water when I returned to BREARLEY and it was just as well that we were all secured with a heaving line as we descended the 40 or so feet down the vertical harbour wall ladder to the deck.

As I recall, BREARLEY was in pretty good shape but did not have sweep gear. The accommodation was basic but OK. All good basic background as I subsequently spent time in both ARLINGHAM and THORNHAM.

Captain Sym Taylor

As an RNR Sub Lieutenant I served aboard her for my annual training in November 1965 as Navigator.  At that time she was attached to BRNC Dartmouth and being used to take aspiring pilots and aircrew to sea during their indoctrination period at BRNC and flying training.

It was said that the next time they would board a ship was when they had an aircraft strapped to their backsides !  This was at the time when the RN was desperate to find aircrew from any branch of the RN be they cooks, seamen, stokers, etc of any rank or rating ….

During that fortnight we sailed from Dartmouth to the Scilly Isles and returned, then day running.

Neil Edden.  Ex Lt Cdr Sussex Division RNR

As a Killick Stoker, I was her Buffer while running from BRNC, Dartmouth with the hopeful Aviation Cadets, generally all good hands. They spent part of each day at Roburgh doing flying training, then came to us for basic seamanship experience.

Our ship's company was possibly unique; seven Stokers, all ex-Ganges boys (therefore familiar with boatwork) and one Tiff - no seamen  with an Observer Lieutenant as C.O. 

We accompnied two BRNC yachts on a leg of the Tall Ships Race, ranging as far as the Western Isles.

David Shipley, WO Engineer

HMS BREARLEY was the Gibraltar Guard ship in 1969 when a friend of mine, Lt Graham Robinson (now Capt Rtd), was the Captain.

Peter Harrison, TCA Chairman

1969 For disposal

1972 Broken up