HMS Damerham M2629, Builders : Brooke Marine, Built : 19/03/54

1954 - 55 Operational Reserve,Hythe / Gosport

1958 -62 Served in 120th Minesweeper Squadron based in Hong Kong  participating in exercises and patrols around Hong Kong, including the Pearl River approach to Canton, Mirs Bay and islands bordering the Chinese Peoples Republic.

The squadron also visited, as part of multi-national SEATO exercises, the Philippines and North Borneo. They were relieved by three TONs in 1962, forming 8th MSS, who retained the “Pearl of the Orient” Squadron badge of 120 MSS.

April 1962 Arrived in Singapore with COHAM, GLENTHAM, HOVINGHAM to reduce to reserve

1966 Sold in Singapore for break up