HMS Arlingham M2603, Builders : Camper & Nicholson, Built : 24/11/53

1954 - 59 Operational Reserve, Gosport

1966 - 67 Conversion to Torpedo Recovery Vessel

1969 HMS ARLINGHAM was a Gibraltar Patrol Vessel and I was lent to her as XO - at the time I was a Mid in HMS LYNX - great fun for a mere Mid, even if we only did day running and had a ship's company of about 6 ! 

I don't quite recall why there was a need for me in ARLINGHAM, but I think that the CO had gone sick and the real XO (an Sub Lieutenant) took command. I do remember we escorted an SSN into Gib (I think it was VALIANT) - if only they knew what a very junior team we were in the IMS.

Captain Sym Taylor

1978 Sold