Pennant No: M1173

Built by: Camper and Nicholson, Northam. Yard Number 795
Completed: 5th September 1958
Time to Build: 41 months
Commissioned: October 1959 for 101st (RNR) Minesweeping Squadron (MSS) as HMS MERSEY based Liverpool
Years Fully Operational: 22 years

Outline of Operational Career:

  • 1960-1975 Weekend and Continuous Training Periods and visits to UK and North European Ports
  • 1962 101st MSS renamed 10th MCMS
  • 1963-1971 Deployments to Gibraltar (‘ROCKHAUL/MAINHAUL Series) annually in Aug-Sep (except in 1965,’66 and ‘68)
  • Nov 75 Paid off to Reserve
  • 11 Feb 78 Commissioned at Chatham for FPS
  • 1978-85 Fishery Protection Patrols

Significant Events:

  • Jun 1963 Took part in Operation ‘CABLE LAY’, a live minesweeping operation based on Borkum.
  • Feb-Apr 65 Took part in Operation ‘STOP GAP’, deployment of 3 RNR ships and an RFA to West Indies.
  • May 1968 Took Part in Operation ‘NEW BROOM’, live M/S operation based on Borkum.
  • Aug-Sep 73 Took part in Exercise MAPLEHAUL, RNR Deployment To Canadian East Coast Ports.
  • 3 Aug 79 Embarked King Olav of Norway for day to review Manx Herring Fleet

Paid Off: 28th March 1985
Disposal: 25th March 1987 Sold to SB Queenborough, Cairnryan for break up.