Pennant No: M1138
Laid Down: 8th December 1952
Built By: Richards Ironworks Ltd, Lowestoft. Yard Number 414
Completed: 19th August 1955
Time to Build: 32 Months
Commissioned: 2nd October 1955 for 108th MSS based at Malta
Years Fully Operational: 3

Outline of Operational Career:

  • 11th October 1955 Sailed for Malta with 3 other Tons
  • 1955-1956 4 Cyprus Patrols, exercises & visits
  • June-September 1956 Living Ship in Reserve in Seliema Creek, Malta. CO & part ships company to UK to commission HMS Shavington
  • 1957 Three Cyprus Patrols, exercises & visits
  • 1958 Three Cyprus Patrols, exercises & visits
  • September 1958 Paid Off to Reserve at Malta
  • November 1959 Towed to Gibraltar
  • 12th December 1959 Recommissioned for Portland Trials Squadron to replace HMS Glasserton
  • January-March 1960 Portland Trials Squadron

Significant Events:

  • 21st-29th November 1956 At Port Said to relieve Tons on Operation Musketeer
  • 13th-18th May 1957 Towed from Cyprus to Malta by HMS Dilston

Paid Off: April 1960
Disposal: 27th April 1968. Sold to Pounds of Portsmouth for use as floating crane