DURBAN was built by Camper and Nicholson at Northam and a  second TON, WINDHOEK was built by Thornry croft, Southampton in 1956-58 to a specification produced by the South African Navy. 

Minesweeping equipment was per the RN fit but accommodation, especially air conditioning and fresh water capacity were significantly improved.

DURBAN, M1499, was Yard Number 815 and was delivered to South Africa in April 1958. She spent six months in reserve and harbour training before commencing patrols and exercises.

In  1970's she was converted to a Patrol Craft , losing influence sweeps for additional armament and boarding capability.

In 1991 she was retired and became a Museum Ship, based in the Maritime Museum in Durban. The local authority of Kwa Zulu, Natal has provided generous support for the maintenance of the ship, including sheathing the upperdeck to reduce rain damage and improvement of accommodation and catering below deck to enhance facilities for visitors and social events. 

In June 2020, shortly after she returned from an extensive refit, a leak developed in the hull valve in the Generator Room. By mis-chance, this happened over a weekend when the dockyard was closed and by the time the problem was discovered  DURBAN was seriously flooded aft (see photo below)

Fortunately the Local Authority again generously responded with funds to resolve the problem and by December 2021 DURBAN was back in business as a Museum Ship, open to visitors.

Regrettably within a few weeks after she returned to serrvice as a musueum ship, she suffered more water ingress and settled by the stern,

This time the Local Authority has more pressing priorities for its finaces and further aid has not be offered .

By April 2022 the ship had sunk at her moorings and was likely to be scrapped.