Known in the minesweeper world as WOO HA, she was built as HMS LOCH TORRIDON in 1945 but re-named and converted to become a depot ship for light coastal forces soon after launch and assigned to service in Far East. However end of WW II came before she was deployed, so having been held in reserve at Harwich, she was re-assigned as submarine target vessel and operated in anti-submarine warfare training roles in home waters, principally based at Londonderry between 1946 and 1953.

In 1955 she was again converted at Forward Support and Headquarters ship for minesweeping operations and deployed to Malta to support 104 and 108 MSS. She had an important role in the minesweeping phase of the Suez operation in 1956 then in 1959 deployed to Singapore with a re-formed 104 MSS. She supported many MCM exercises and operations until the outbreak of Confrontation where the emphasis changed to co-ordination of the minesweepers as patrol craft. She was relieved in this role by HMS MANXMAN in May 1963. Emphasising the “Forward Support” role her officers devised a distinctive tie featuring a Golden Bra on a Navy Blue background.