Hong Kong was a significant base for the Inshore Flotilla. The Hong Kong Flotilla comprising Harbour Defence Motor launches and Motor Minesweepers was set up in 1949 and operated until 1958 when six Inshore Minesweepers arrived to form the 120th Minesweeper Squadron. TONs from 104 MSS in Singapore began to visit Hong Kong in 1960 and were a regular sigh there henceforth, with typically two TONs undertaking guardship duties in rotation.

In 1962 three resident TONs, soon to be re-named 8 MCMS replaced the Inshore Sweepers of 120 MSS and Confrontation accelerated TONs’ activities as these ships participated in patrols off Borneo. There were excellent repair and maintenance facilities in the Royal dockyard but as these were wound down, lucky ships got to enjoy the facilities and hospitality of Taikoo civilian dockyard in Kowloon.

Everyone who served in Hong Kong has the warmest memories of hospitality ashore and unrivalled facilities for recreation and friendship, coupled to a shopper’s paradise.

HMS Tamar was the location from which HRH The Prince of Wales conducted the ceremony of handing over the Colony of Hong Kong, including the leased new territories to the Chinese People’s Republic in October 1997.