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LEY CLASS Technical Data

LEYS were of the same dimensions and complement as the Hams, but were powered by four Foden diesel engines, grouped two to each shaft.

As minehunters, before the days of a suitably high definition sonar system, the Leys carried divers who job was to search the bottoms, walls and jetties of harbours and rivers using oxygen shallow water breathing apparatus, guided by pre-positioned jackstays and swim lines; reminiscent of the techniques used by the COPP parties to clear harbours of occupied Europe of ordnance, sunken ships and other debris in 1945.

As the divers were to work in shallow water (less than 50ft) the ships did not carry a recompression chamber.

Dimensions: Length 106ft x Beam 21ft X Draft 5 ft 5"
Gross Weight: 164 tons
Net Weight: 120 tons
Load: 65 tons
Propulsion: 4 x Foden Diesels @ 550bhp (2 per shaft)
Max Speed: 14 knots maximum
Range: 15 tons of diesel
Gun Armament: 1 x 40mm Bofors or 1 x 20mm Oerlikon
Complement: 15 Peacetime, 22 Wartime

Information onShip Histories courtesy of Jack Worth's book "British Warships since 1945 - Part 4 Minesweepers"