HMS Flintham M2628, Builders: J Bolson (Poole), Launched: 01/11/55

1955  64 Operational Reserve, Hythe

1968 - 73 FLINTHAM was based at HMS Ganges, the boys training establishment, with HMS DITTISHAM to provide experience in sea going and seamanship.

1974 - 81 Training tenderAT RALEIGH

FLINTHAM and DITTISHAM were sent to Plymouth as HMS Ganges was closing in 1976.  HMS Dittisham visited the village she was named after on the river Dart on her way to Plymouth and I believe HMS Flintham visited Dartmouth. Sold 1982.
I joined HMS Ganges in November 1970 as POOEL base staff to both HMS Dittisham & HMS Flintham and remained with them up to and indeed travelled with them to Plymouth.  

Apart from trips around the coast the two HAMs made one trip to Germany, up the Rhine, where they both grounded. Luckily they were both due a propeller modification which was carried out on the river slips in Chatham by the Ganges base staff which saved reporting these mishaps.

 My previous posting was as POOEL on HMS Beachampton in Barhain, then commanded by J.J.Blackham now Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Joe Blackham, KCB – Richard Walters