HMS Brigham M2613, Builders : Berthon Boat, Built : 22/12/53

1954 - 55  Tender to VERNON for minesweeping training

1956 - 67 Operational Reserve, Rosneath

1968 Conversion to motor yacht

1969 Converted to ferry between Adelaide anfd Port Lincoln, Australia

Lt Cdr Arthur Coxon, a distinguished TONs Commanding Officer, recalled that as a Lieutenant in command of HMS Brigham, based at VERNON in September 1964, he was assigned to assist a civilian film crew shooting the film “Above us the Waves”, about the attempted attack by “chariots” (human torpedoes) on the German battleship Tirpitz in Norwegian waters. Brigham was to take on the role of a German patrol craft intercepting the Norwegian fishing vessel which had the two chariots lashed alongside.

That bit went well and every time the film is now shown on TV there is a twenty second clip of the ship and her sailors, dressed in German naval uniform as extras.

However they had had a good lunch and were in high spirits when they returned to harbour. Filming took place in Guernsey, which had been occupied by the Germans during WWII, so it was perhaps less than tactful for the ship to enter harbour with the Kriegsmarine ensign still flying and actors and sailors still dressed in German uniform.

However the problem arose when one of the actors seized the loud hailer and addressed holiday makers on the beach announcing “We mean no harm to the civilian population. Providing your women submit, there will be no danger” Fortunately, this was before the days of mobile phones with in-built cameras and luckily there were no Senior Officers in the area, so they got away with it.