HMS Tilford P3123, Builders - Vosper

In reserve at Barrow by April 1958. Trials at Portland in 1961 then returned to Barrow. To Portsmouth 6 April 1964 in tow of RMAS Reward. Commissioned at Singapore 30 January 1965 for the 11th  Minesweeping Squadron patrolling during the Indonesian Confrontation. Paid off in November 1966 and sold at Singapore on 8 September 1967.

As Confrontation with Indonesia escalated in 1964, it was realised that more small patrol craft were required to work the inshore waters off Malaysia. The seaward Defence Boats Tilford and Greatford were shipped from England as deck cargo on a merchant ship. On arrival in Singapore they joined four TONs that had been “arked” in reserve to form the 11th MCM Squadron, crewed by personnel transferred from 2nd MCM Squadron based in Port Edgar, Scotland.

The two Fords rapidly found themselves in the heat of close quarters action, intercepting Indonesian raiding parties seeking to land on the east coast of Johore.

They cooperated closely with counterpart patrol craft of the Royal Malaysian Navy and remained on station until the end of Confrontation in July 1966.