HMS Shalford P3101 , Builder Yarrow

1st SDB Squadron until 1962 when laid up at Barrow. Towed from Barrow April 1964 for Hythe before being refitted by Thornycroft at Southampton later that year. Commissioned at Singapore 30 January 1965 for the 11th  Minesweeping Squadron patrolling during the Indonesian Confrontation. Paid off in November 1966. For disposal 1966/67 and sold at Singapore on 8 September 1967.

Squid = the mountings as fitted to destroyers and frigates were served from a handling room with the individual mortar bombs being moved on a trolley, the Squid barrels were then rotated level to the deck from upright and the round inserted. In SHALFORD this was to be achieved using a davit to hoist each round and manoevre it into a Squid barrel. The impracticability of this on a small deck in anything but a calm sea state is why only SHALFORD had this fit.