Welcome to TCA’s new Vice Chairman

We are pleased to welcome Commander Neil J. Hall Royal Navy as TCA’s new Vice Chairman. He is the first serving Naval Officer to be appointed to the TCA Committee and will bring to TCA a valuable insight into current RN thinking and practices.

In a career that has spanned over forty five years, “Nobby” has seen service in several significant theatres of conflict, including the Falkland Islands War, twice in Northern Ireland during "The Troubles", the Persian Gulf Tanker War, the first Gulf War, the Balkans, and the relief of Sierra Leone. As a result, and unusually for a Naval Officer, he was awarded the Continuous Campaign Service Medal for over 1000 days in the combat zone.

He has served in every type of HM Ship from Patrol Boat to Aircraft Carrier, (18 in total), qualified as a Principal Warfare Officer & Information Operations Specialist and twice held Sea Command. He started his career in 1975 as a JS (MW), re-catting as an AB to (RP) in 1978 and rose to A/LS (RP) before being Commissioned via the Upper Yardman Scheme in 1980. He then followed the standard Seaman Officers career path of junior watch keeper, MM/PP 1st Lt & CO, Frigate Navigating Officer and PWO(A). He then served as NBCDO in a CVS, 1st Lt in the LPH and his final Sea Appointment was CO of the Cyprus Patrol Boat Squadron. He subsequently specialised in Maritime Law, Counter Terrorism, Intel’ and Info’ and has since held a series of Posts in those fields. Currently he is the XO in the NATO CIS Group in Belgium.

A long standing member of the TCA, Nobby served in the MCMVs FITTLETON, ALFRISTON, KELLINGTON, WASPERTON & BLACKWATER. He is married to Helen, (a former Chief WREN), and his interests include, membership of several Veterans associations, being a Charity Champion for the RNRMC, rugby union, naval & military history, offshore sailing and collecting nautical memorabilia.