September 2023

White Rose Report

Allen Buster Brown

We had a very busy but enjoyable weekend over 9/10 September.

On Saturday we held our usual branch meeting, with a very good turnout, made special by Jeremy Mackrell joining us, courtesy of his daughter. At 86, Jeremey is one of our Elder statesman but poor health has prevented him from joining us in recent years.

Attending were Jeremy, Pincher Martin, Terry Foreman, Trevor Dixon, John Rogers, Phil Fluke, Dennis Cook Clive Dennison and myself. A good meeting, with plenty of banter. New member Phil is really enjoying the meetings and bought a  White Rose polo shirt from Slops. Dennis Cook showed us the trophy he is presenting to TCA and told us the family story behind it.

It was agreed that we should hold our next meeting on 13th January at the Premier Inn, York North West. YO26 6RL. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE.

The Ladies joined us at 15.45 for a meal,

On Sunday we attended the All Services Annual Remembrance Parade at Eden Camp, Museum, near Malton

.Last year the event had to be cancelled owing to the death of Her Majesty. Apart from the Covid epidemic, we have represented TCA at the parade for the past ten years. Unfortunately Dave Parrish was unable to parade the Northern Standard as his wife Janice was unwell but TerryForemen, Mike Martin, Clive Dennison, Trevor Disxon, John Rogers and myself attended,  

Eden Camp was a Prisoner of War camp during World War II and has been preserved as a military museum, with many interesting exhibits illustrating different aspects of the conflict. Each of the huts formerly occupied by the prisoners covers a different theme. The exhibit dealing with Chariot two-man submarine has recently been extended..