Greek Navy Minehunter HS Kallisto Cut in Two after Colliding With Container Ship

Greek Navy Minehunter HS Kallisto Cut in Two after Colliding With Container Ship image

The Greek Hellenic Navy minehunter HS Kallisto (M63) was cut in two after colliding with a container ship off the Greek port of Piraeus early on Tuesday. “On Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and around 07:30 in the sea area of the Saronic Gulf, a merchant ship collided with Kallisto. The Navy undertakes all the necessary actions to deal with the incident,” said a Hellenic Navy statement. According t … Read More »

TCA Standard at Funerals

With limits on numbers attending, this is not currently possible but it would be prudent if members would let their next of kin know that they would like to have the standard paraded. One more thing for the check list and could save some hasty last-minute phone calls. … Read More »

Hams, Leys and Fords

We lack details of many of these craft for the new website. Can you fill in the gaps about where and when they served? Please contact Editor. … Read More »

White Rose Branch Meeting

White Rose Branch Meeting image

White Rose Branch has managed to hold a socially-distanced meeting and is planning for a Social Weekend at a northern venuein 2021. Suggestions for suitable hotels for a gathering of 30-50 people (assuming the Covid Rules allow for that by then) would be welcomed. Ideas to Buster . … Read More »

Membership Details

In order to more fully comply with GDPR, contact details of members joining and leaving TCA will no longer be published, If you wish to contact a former shipmate you can request this information from the Membership Secretary who will obtain permission from the member concerned. … Read More »

Naval Children’s Charity

Naval Children’s Charity image

Formerly known as the “Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund” we are now the NAVAL CHILDREN’S CHARITY. We hope that this will make it easier for families to find us and get help when they need it. We offer help to children aged up to and including the age 25 of parents or guardians who are serving or ex-serving members of the Royal Navy including the Reserves and Royal Fleet Auxil … Read More »

Welcome to TCA’s new Vice Chairman

We are pleased to welcome Commander Neil J. Hall Royal Navy as TCA’s new Vice Chairman. He is the first serving Naval Officer to be appointed to the TCA Committee and will bring to TCA a valuable insight into current RN thinking and practices. In a career that has spanned over forty five years, “Nobby” has seen service in several significant theatres of conflict, including the Falkland Isla … Read More »

Noble Caledonia

Our President, Rear Admiral John Lippiett, found an ideal way to spend his second retirement when he left as Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust. He joined the panel of Guest Speakers aboard the cruise ships of Noble Caledonia Ltd and has been enjoying substantial sea time in some exotic locations aboard their luxury small ships, which typically carry 100 or fewer passengers. Regrettably cruis … Read More »