January 2022

From Commander Peter Harrison, TCA Chairman.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to advise members that long term problems with my health, have brought me to realise that I cannot perform the duties of Chairman of TCA and Reunion Secretary.

For the immediate future Vice Chairman Commander Bob Hawkins will lead the Association, assisted by Secretary Matthew Salisbury and all members of TCA's Management Committee.

I anticipate that the March Committee Meeting will elect a new Chairman and other appointments could be confirmed.

As a temporary measure, Editor Peter Down will take over liaison with the hotel to complete arrangements for the Reunion in October 2022 and Secretary Matthew Salisbury will account for payments from members.

In the longer term we need a volunteer to take over as Reunion Secretary and plan the Reunion in 2023, for which a reservation has been made at the Carlton Hotel, Torquay, which looked after us so well this year.

We could do with at least two more active members to serve on the Committee to share the load and take our Association into the future.

Organisations in Business and Industry devote considerable attention to Succession Planning to ensure their future continuity and all that training that we did in the RN had a similar objective. Now TCA needs to do the same to secure our future.

If you would like to offer your services as a Committee Member, please notify Secretary Matthew Salisbury, advising any special skills or knowledge that might be useful to TCA. An Internet connection and familiarity with e-mail is important, so you will be able to keep up with the frequent communication between Committee Members, which can include making decisions on expenditure up to £500 by e-mail conference.

I remain a member of TCA and am committed to the further development of our Association. I will support the Committee as much as I am able.

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