December 2022

Mess Dinner at TS Kellington, Stockton on Tees

by Lt Cdr John Richardson RNR, TCA Liaison Officer

I was invited to be the Principal Guest at a Mess Dinner held on TS Kellington on Monday 5th December, representing the Ton Class Association. This was a pleasant surprise and an enjoyable evening. The other guests were Father Harry Hopkins, District Chaplain to the Sea Cadets and Captain Nicola Hume RMR. Father Harry might be recognised by fellow TCA Members, as he has a long association with Ton Classes, being first on them in 1972. Serving in Dundee RNR and at MCM 10 for a number of years.

Mess President for the night, Lt. Cdr. John Richardson TCA, Father Harry Hopkins, Capt. Nicola Hume RMR.

 Cadets at dinner

I gave a brief speech on the TCA and the dubious attractions of serving on Ton Class vessels. My thoughts were echoed by Father Harry, who had the “Privilege” of serving on open bridge vessels!

Cadet Project

The Junior Cadets are working are undertaking a history project on HMS Kellington, I have lent them the three books by the TCA to help in their research.

Unit Strength

 The unt is thriving, with an enthusiastic leadership, under C/Sgt Hume RMR and his dedicated team. In fact the present building is now becoming too small for the number of cadets. The Unit is having to have an extra drill night to meet all the needs of the cadets. 

Cadets at the Remembrance Parade 

In addition to the Sea Cadets, the Unit now has a strong RMR Cadet section. TS Kellington also facilitates training afloat on the River Tees for a number of other units in the area.