April 2022

CERA John Stuart Johnson,   Vice President TCA

Crossed the Bar 14 March 2022

 Stuart was born in July 1938 and joined HMS Fisgard as an Artificer Apprentice in September 1953.

He subsequently served HM Ships Concord, Crane, Gambia, Houghton, Aberford (delivery to Kenya Navy), Vidal, Antrim and Dundas.   

In 1969/71 Stuart was based at HMS Osprey at Portland on the staff of Flag Officer Sea Training as a Sea Rider for Damage Control Training. Stuart became very friendly with, and impressed by, the crews of the German Navy ships Z4 [Zerstörer/Destroyer] and the frigate EMDEN, which he accompanied back to Germany.

Stuart had been Chairman of the HMS CRANE Association and was TCA Treasurer 2000-2021.

His funeral will be held at FRADLEY Crematorium [on A38 about 3 miles NE of Lichfield] at 13.30 on Tuesday 12 April.

Flowers family only but donations to RNLI or Cancer Research, please.

TCA and the CRANE Association will be represented.

Pictured. Left – Right : Stuart, Peter Down and Joe Smith representing HMS CRANE at the Commemoration for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic held at Liverpool Cathedral in May 2013.

Our heroes were all to young to have fought in that battle but CRANE did, sinking two U-Boats.

White Rose Branch Meeting

Report from our meeting of Saturday 9th April. held in the Longboat Bar of the Premier Inn, York.

Present were Pancho Brett, Jeremy Mackrell, Alan Hewitt, Terry Foreman, Trevor Dixon, Dave Parrish, John  Rogers, Pincher Martin, Clive Dennison and myself.

This was one of the best meetings we have had since forming eleven years ago. Made better by having our three Elder Statesmen in attendance, Pancho, Jeremy and Pincher. Great to see John Rogers back after his operation. Unfortunately Alan Clayton was unable to come as he had travel problems.

Once again I mentioned that we have a standard Bearer and coffin drape. Please make your next of kin aware if you wish to have those at your funeral. ( Book early to avoid disappointment ).

After the problems we have had with Thomas's pub we agreed to make the Longboat bar our future meeting place.

Next meeting and meal will be on Saturday 18th June. 1300 in the Longboat bar.

I thanked Terry, Clive and Alan for their research into venues for our weekend away. Alan gave a us all the information.

Chesterfield Town Centre Premier Inn. Friday 30th  September to Monday 3rd October. All welcome.

Eden Camp is now open and  as soon as I get any info about the date for the All Services Parade I will circulate details.

Terry proposed that we all chip in £5 for the rum. Seconded Pincher.

Then it was "Up Spirits" and " Hands to lamp swing and black cat".

Foot Note: While we waited for the last few to arrive Pancho entertained us with one of his songs and Jeremy told us about meeting Her Majesty the Queen.

A great time was had by all.  Photos of the Lads and their Ladies

Buster Brown