"Where are you now, Nobby?"

A new feature to assist members regain contact with former shipmates.

Post a message and /or a photo and see what may result.

Due to Data Protection regulations, all contact has to be via the Editor, so send him an e-mail, or letter with your enquiry and he will reply to you if/when anyone acknowledges.

As a starter, from : Cecil Henderson in Ulster:

“Peter, Please find attached photo of the crew of HMS Puncheston. Persian Gulf 69/70 MCM9

Regret I do not now recall many names but our C.O. was Lt Cdr Timothy Fuller.”

From Willian Spragg, Street, Somerset:

I served on H.M.S Highburton 1969-1970 as a Leading Steward. I enjoyed my time on her and had a few jollies, especially to Flensburg in Germany.

Are any other members of that Commission out there?