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Did you serve in a River, Hunt or Sandown MCMV ?

Following the announcement in the recent Defence Review Command Paper that the remaining minehunters are to be phased out of service, to be replaced by robotic systems and equipment, the TON Class Association [TCA] has extended its membership to those that served in the subsequent classes of MCMVs: Rivers, Hunts and Sandowns.

TCA is open to all ranks and specialisations who served in MCMVs of any class.

The Minewarfare Association, Clearance Divers Association and Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officers Association do a splendid job of looking after the interests of their members from those specialisations.

TCA has always been open to, and derives great strength from , members of other “trades” who shared the close bonds and occasional perils, of the world of mine countermeasures, including gunners, signalmen, engineers, electricians, cooks, stewards, watchkeeping officers who did not go down the MCM route and most of all, members of the Royal Naval Reserve.

Download a Membership  Application Form (below) or phone Secretary Peter Down 01449 721 235.

We look forward to welcoming you.